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The design studio is now literally packed with wooden, faux stone and brick samples of all styles ready for your perusal, including all of the samples shown below, whether you would like to be dramatic, natural or edgy, these products can offer a rather more interesting alternative to plain painted walls, they really do provide us with incredible sensations to our senses of sight and touch.

Since having a some walnut panelling installed around a cassette fire on the chimney island, I have to say it is the first thing any new visitor talks about, and theres always a closer inspection and lots of compliments, it's one of my most favourite things! . 

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Stone and Wood paneling is a decorative element that provides a huge amount of advantages and benefits beyond visual appearance. With this kind of decorative panel you can make your dreams of having a traditional or rustic house combined with a modern touch come true. Besides, and due to the wide range of textures, colors and shapes available, decoration possibilities are infinite.

One of the main advantages of using a stone panel as a decorative element for your home is how incredibly realistic final results are. With our range of panels you will be able to renovate your favorite rooms and you will provide your home the coziness you always wished for

Installation is very often completed in a day, using one of my dedicated installers will ensure stunning and seamless results. Happy decor days!

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